Tuesday, April 7, 2015

EnergySec’s Survey on NERC’s April FAQs

Steve Parker of EnergySec just let me know that they have just put up a survey on NERC’s April CIP v5 FAQs document (available here) that was published yesterday (I wrote about one of NERC’s answers in my post yesterday, being ever-vigilant to bring my readers the latest breaking news).

You may think it’s odd that EnergySec is surveying entities on their reactions to the different answers, when the FAQ document is itself available for public comment.  Steve pointed out that public comments by NERC entities are always vetted by management and legal counsel, so they probably don’t reflect what the people in the trenches actually feel.  That’s why this is a completely anonymous survey.

Of course, since the survey is anonymous it doesn’t have scientific validity, and NERC can’t be expected to automatically take action based on its results.  But I know I’ll be very interested in hearing what people say in it, since I kind of doubt that anyone who doesn’t follow CIP pretty closely will bother to reply.  In fact, I hope they’ll do a lot more of these surveys – on the Lessons Learned, on where entities are in their v5 compliance program, etc.  The only hope of getting useful information on these topics is to gather it anonymously.

I urge you to take the survey, although you need to first read the FAQ document and ponder what it means.

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